Saturday, March 5, 2011

Buglite - This Day . . EP

Buglite - This Day . . EP

Today, we all jump in the short bus and take a class field trip to West Chester, PA. In the 90's, Creep Records pumped out some amazing bands, some still known and some remain unknown. Buglite is a band I found out about when I purchased the Who Gits Da Deer? comp (see a prior post). I remember listening to the track "I See You" and immediately being into this bands fun, pop-punk sound similar to another band I was big into at the time, Zoinks!. In my travels, I have actually met a few people around the country that remember this band which always came as quite a surprise. I apologize, I really have no back story on this band and never had a chance to see them live. Enjoy!


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